FEATURE • The Progress Film Company

We’re pleased to welcome our new neighbours, the Progress Film Company, to New England House - our home (and now theirs!) in the heart of Brighton's creative district.

Progress is owner operated by Matt Hopkins and Ben Lankester with an ever burgeoning team of filmmaking talent. Priding themselves on nurturing and developing a talented roster of producers, directors and animators, Progress allow their creatives the chance to thrive through smart, innovative content with stunning visual storytelling at the core.

Since 2010, the company have built a distinguished client base, travelling around the globe with them and creating a host of unforgettable films in the process. From sub-zero survival in Europe’s Arctic Circle with Jaguar Land Rover to Kenyan safari with Kuoni, they’ve been on some incredible adventures with their passion for filmmaking at the heart of them all.


Closer to home, the company are committed to championing local creative talent, their David Thomas Award scheme, in association with the University of Brighton, an apt example of this.

Alongside the desk space available to lens-based creatives on our side, Progress offer rent-able edit suites on their side, we've plans for workshops and socials and a meeting room connecting the companies is available for hire. Together with The Brighton Studio, Progress are determined to continue this trend to support and grow with opportunity and facilitation; exemplifying their ambition to make the space at New England House a haven for the UK’s finest creative thinkers.

Find out what they’re all about at progressfilm.co.uk.