HIRE • Alex Lake

In our pre-launch weeks, we've been testing the waters with some quiet events, shoots and hires, allowing us to get some feedback and better shape The Brighton Studio to best suit those using it.

We were happy to welcome internationally published and prolific music photographer, Alex Lake through our doors as one of those lucky pioneer-guinea-pigs. Joined by acclaimed journalist and author of 'Pretty Honest', Sali Hughes, Alex used Studio A to shoot a series of beauty head shots for Sali's Guardian column and website. Alex is known for his intimate portraits - a quick snoop over his website will soon pull up album and magazine covers that you recognise.

While he was here, we asked him about his most recent professional adventures, which lead to a wonderful retelling of how he accidentally scored a pre-release private performance of Radiohead's 9th studio album, A Moon Shaped Pool. You'll have seen the promotional images Alex produced of the band in support of the release, shot with a one light setup against a small clear wall in the band's Oxford studio."