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Creatives. We make stuff interesting, beautiful, compelling. We also spend a lot of our time making this happen while sitting on our butts and staring at screens.

So while mis-stepping when your focus is all through your lens is one occupational hazard, bad backs, poor circulation and a higher risk of heart disease and diabetes are also right up there. We spent a really long time figuring out ways we could offset some of the detrimental side effects of being dedicated to a demanding schedule, which means that we've done a fair amount of research into things that will benefit your working practice as a lens-based professional.

We added in plants. People working in spaces with greenery and natural light are 15% more creative. The break-out is full of them, and there are pots of succulents and ivy throughout the complex. There's also a tonne of natural light in every room that you'd need it (not the blackout Studio B, of course).

Because "sitting is the new smoking", we invested in custom made sit-stand desks. Initially, we'd looked into buying them off the shelf but ultimately we couldn't find something that exactly suited our needs. So we went off script and modded one that did. We used the Ikea Skarsta base, adding a purpose crafted top that was deep enough and wide enough to fit the bill (and, since postural variation is the spice of life [that is what they say, isn't it?] we also went for some award winning Steelcase ergonomic chairs.)

And then, we have our work-hours policy. Our members desk space is open from 8am until 6pm every day, but we aren't 24hr. We know how massively important it is to meet those last minute deadlines, but we also know that unless someone draws a line in the sand and tells us to stop, we could keep going until our candle is well and truly burnt out. We've room to be flexible if you need it, but we encourage you to get outside, get some sleep and generally do something that isn't in front of the screen. To make that all the more appealing we've teamed up with some local businesses to offer desk space members things to get up to, like drop in yoga with our neighbours Lick Yoghurt.

If you like to ask us a question about what else we're doing to help you get the best out of your working day, drop us an email.