PHOTOGRAPHY • Salamander

An editorial hair collaboration, shot by photographer and The Brighton Studio manager, Olly Hearsey.


The salamander is an amphibian ascribed with fantastic and occult qualities. These mythological powers include a resistance to fire so complete that the animal supposedly lives in the very heart of the hottest volcanoes, yet possesses a body cool enough to extinguish flames. “…I have several times put [salamander hair] in the fire and made it red hot and after taken it out, which being cold, yet remained perfect wool.”  – Holme, 1688.

Designed to envelope the face, neck or to consume the intimate space in flame tones, Simon Webster created hair styles that were naive, dramatic and exaggerated.  The makeup design by Xoë Kingsley provides a contrast to the hot chaos. The complexion remains cool and flawless with amphibian wetness or moonglow polish.

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