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For those of us working in the creative industries, digital infrastructure is vital. Gone are the days of couriered flash drives and CDs as the only means to deliver work to clients on a tight deadline.

Thanks to the prevalence of high-speed internet, clients have come to expect scamps, proofs, wire-frames and rough cuts at the touch of a button. Other businesses operate with real-time workflows, so why should clients expect any different from their photographer, designer, etc? The difference is that, unlike many other industries, a quarter of the UK’s 1.9 million strong creative workforce is made up of freelancers. That’s more than four hundred and fifty thousand freelancers - and the reality is that many if not most of this number work from home, depending on unreliable domestic broadband.

According to a Telegraph article from earlier this year, some UK town’s broadband speeds are so poor that they are actually slower than Mount Everest’s base-camp. When you’re trying to establish your services, slow upload/ download speeds and juddery video calls are more than just frustrating, they can seriously damage your business. We understand this. We’ve been there - mid-way through an important Skype call to agree the finer points of a brief and everything is going well when all of a sudden the screen freezes. As you frantically call to apologise and rearrange the call, you can feel the job slipping through your fingers... So, when we set up The Brighton Studio’s shared workspace, we made superfast fibreoptic internet a top priority. Working with Brighton Digital Exchange and it’s partner, Xoomtalk, we’ve set up a fast and secure solution for our residents and visitors. If you're just about done with the wifi mambo, have a look at our desk space benefits and rates.

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